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A Nix-based system for configuring consumer wifi routers or IoT device devices, of the kind that OpenWrt or DD-WRT or Gargoyle or Tomato run on. It's a reboot/restart/rewrite of NixWRT.

This is not NixOS-on-your-router: it's aimed at devices that are underpowered for the full NixOS experience. It uses busybox tools, musl instead of GNU libc, and s6-rc instead of systemd.

The Liminix name comes from Liminis, in Latin the genitive declension of "limen", or "of the threshold". Your router stands at the threshold of your (online) home and everything you send to/receive from the outside word goes across it.

What about NixWRT?

This is an in-progress rewrite of NixWRT, incorporating Lessons Learned.


Documentation is in the doc directory. You can build it by running

nix-shell -p sphinx --run "make -C doc html"

Extremely online

There is a #liminix IRC channel on the OFTC network in which you are welcome. You can also connect with a Matrix client by joining the room

In the IRC channel, as in all Liminix project venues, please conduct yourself according to the Liminix Code of Conduct.