some kexecboot notes

Daniel Barlow 2 months ago
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"tftpboot" implies "revertable", because it will use the same ramdisk
Fri Mar 17 11:44:40 GMT 2023
- patch the kernel kexec code to pass DTB to new kernel unconditionally
- unpatch pernel to pass command line to kexec (breaks DTB passing)
- decide how we specify rootfs. doing it by number is awkward
- may be phram
- may be real mtd root
- may be real mtd root but renumbered becuase phram exists
Wild idea: we could probably get rid of the need for declaring a phram
device in the first kernel, if we can use kexec to copy the squashfs into
physical ram. As far as I can see this is a simple(sic) matter of
specifying it as a segment, but we would have to extend kexec-tools
to do this and it's quite a niche option if we make it do all the
mtd setup.
kexec --dtb=foo.dtb --map-file=squashfs@0x120000
Sat Mar 18 18:02:26 GMT 2023
What if: we added derivations for "apply openwrt changes" as packages,
which could then be called from the kernel derivation's extraPatchPhase?
There could be one for generic and one for each openwrt targetop