odhcpc script: mkdir

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Daniel Barlow 2023-05-30 21:00:20 +01:00
parent 19212b1eeb
commit d82173133c
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@ -1,12 +1,11 @@
(os.chdir (os.getenv "SERVICE_STATE"))
(local state-directory (assert (os.getenv "SERVICE_STATE")))
(os.execute (.. "mkdir -p " state-directory))
(fn write-value [name value]
(with-open [fout (io.open name :w)]
(when value (fout:write value))))
(write-value "state" (. arg 2))
(write-value "ifname" (. arg 1))
(let [path (.. state-directory "/" name)]
(with-open [fout (io.open path :w)]
(when value (fout:write value)))))
(fn write-value-from-env [name]
(write-value name (os.getenv (string.upper name))))
@ -47,10 +46,13 @@
(each [_ n (ipairs wanted)]
(write-value-from-env n)))
(let [ready (match state
(let [[ifname state] arg
ready (match state
"started" false
"unbound" false
"stopped" false
_ true)]
(and ready
(with-open [fd (io.open "/proc/self/fd/10" :w)] (fd:write "\n"))))
(write-value "state" state)
(write-value "ifname" ifname)
(when ready
(with-open [fd (io.open "/proc/self/fd/10" :w)] (fd:write "\n"))))