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Daniel Barlow 32c24f3809 switch pppoe test back to qemu mips
while we find out why it fails
2023-11-26 23:18:24 +00:00
Daniel Barlow 5c1f5fabe2 switch pppoe test to use armv7l 2023-11-05 23:19:40 +00:00
Daniel Barlow c94d12934f remove direct use of run-liminix-vm from tests and doc 2023-11-05 20:37:23 +00:00
Daniel Barlow 94e51db649 tests: use instead of calling run-liminix-vm directly
this makes it easier to run tests on aarch64 where
qemu wants an Image file instead of a vmlinux
2023-09-24 00:24:48 +01:00
Daniel Barlow 4389fa15f7 rename mips-vm as run-liminix-vm 2023-09-20 18:33:20 +01:00
Daniel Barlow 55387b0ee3 extract common shell fns in tests 2023-05-07 23:01:24 +01:00
Daniel Barlow 0687ae7f5c rename flashable->flashimage, o.squashfs to rootfs
"rootfs" describes what it is for, "squashfs" merely says
how it's implemented

(also, rootfs-as-jffs2 will soon be added)
2023-04-10 18:13:27 +01:00
Daniel Barlow 4addcbbd51 turn script into mips-vm buildEnv command 2023-02-08 22:17:06 +00:00
Daniel Barlow cc7daeabb3 add routeros to overlay 2023-02-08 18:13:35 +00:00
Daniel Barlow ebc5d6a3e0 convert pppoe test to a derivation
* move shell script to a runCommand
* multicast needs special options to run on loopback
 (nix-build sandbox disables non-local network interfaces)
2023-02-05 17:37:31 +00:00