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[ This is a placeholder, because it's early days and the volume of contributions thus far can be counted in an eggcup ]

  • Contributions are very welcome

  • Please open an issue (or otherwise establish some kind of dialogue) before you send a PR I haven't asked for. Just so I know it's expected and you're not wasting time doing something I won't accept or have already started on

  • The Nix code in Liminix is MIT-licenced (same as Nixpkgs), but the code it combines from other places (e.g. Linux, OpenWrt) may have a variety of licences. I have no intention of asking for copyright assignment: just like when submitting to the Linux kernel you retain the copyright on the code you contribute.

  • Please govern yourself in Liminix project venues according to the guidance in the geekfeminism "Community Anti-harassment Policy".

  • If you've read the preceding bullets and don't find anything to disagree with, open a PR