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In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, Anoi is a minor goddess of Things That Stick In Drawers
> Often, but not uniquely, a ladle, but sometimes a metal spatula or,
> rarely, a mechanical egg-whisk that nobody in the house admits to
> ever buying. The desperate mad rattling and cries of How can it
> close on the damn thing but not open with it? Who bought this? Do we
> ever use it? is as praise unto Anoia. She also eats corkscrews.
This is a library of miscellaneous Fennel code used in Liminix that is
shared between various scripts but doesn't really fit together. It is
not a public stable interface - while any Liminix code is welcome to
use it, it's suject to reshuffle, rearrangement, refactor or rejection
without notice.