min-collect-garbage and next steps

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Daniel Barlow 2023-05-20 22:48:05 +01:00
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@ -1678,3 +1678,53 @@ Also wondering if we should drop outputs.default, but maybe not
As long as we're consistently setting the default output to whichever
is the appropriate "full production image" I think we're good.
Wed May 17 22:45:40 BST 2023
Random thought: when we bind mount /target/persist/nix to /target/nix
we could make it read-only. worth doing?
Thu May 18 10:59:39 BST 2023
- liminix-rebuild can't find reboot: probably the PATH is just
generally wrong for ssh sessions (maybe all non-login sessions?)
- need to copy path registration file somewhere useful and
delete stuff not in it at the appropriate time. Would be safest
to do that either late in the shutdown process before rebooting,
or during boot.
Fri May 19 15:18:13 BST 2023
If we make min-collect-garbage - just a command you can run whenever -
that will be fine for current capabilities. It won't work with the
theoretical overlayfs system, though: we need to copy-down from the
ramfs to real flash before rebooting, and that can't happen until
there's disk space to do it
Sat May 20 22:35:25 BST 2023
We have a working min-collect-garbage (seems to, anyway ...)
- having ssh host key wiped on reboot is sucky. maybe we can have
/persist/secrets and a service that looks there?
- find out what files ash sources on non-login shell startup
- services.default is suboptimal as there is no way to add to it
without wiping it
- decide whether to use liminix- or min- as our prefix for nixy
- should we move config.outputs -> config.system.outputs ? see Mar 28
- less crap firewall
- add ipv6 support to rotuer
- create an l2tp configuration
- iperf and tuning
- wlan country code